Friday, March 8, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee, Block 1

I saw the first block for Diary of a Quilter's Virtual Quilting Bee earlier this morning, and then got out some Farmer's Wife blocks to work on.  But while I was rummaging through my bins, I came along this stack of Hometown charms, and some Urban Cowgirl I had put with it, and that star block was calling my name.

So, I have begun yet another new project.  

Even though I've made this block before, I usually don't take the time to trim all of my HST's.  But for this one, I decided to do it the "right" way.  I admit, it did come together well.  However, as I was cruising along, I accidentally trimmed the top right block on the wrong side!  Ooops!  It's a little short (~1/16"), but it'll work out into the seam allowances.  I made sure the points still ended up in the right spot.  I would have cut another one, but I used 2 of my 5" charms (3" x 3" each), and didn't have extras.

One down!

Join in!

Virtual Quilting Bee

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  1. I love yours! (I have a stack of Urban Cowgirl fat 1/8ths which I love. This is a very tempting idea...)

    Thanks for playing along!