Friday, February 21, 2014

Bunny Quilt

Yay for Friday Finishes!
In progress, with my homemade bunny chart

I had a couple of Luna Notte strips left on my cutting table after the last quilt, and decided to go ahead and use them up.  I also had a leftover bit of Kona Cream, and a big enough batting scrap for a wall hanging.  I ran out of cream thread on the final border, so while I'd like to say this quilt was free, I had to spring for a new spool.  Oh well.  Almost free.

I looked online for a cross-stitch or knitting chart for the bunny, but I couldn't find one that translated well, and was the size I wanted, so I printed out some graph paper and made my own.  I tried to keep it within a 10x10 square, but that little ear just popped out, so I went with 10x11, and then added a plain border, and a pieced one with my leftover squares.

All the quilt squares are 2.5 inches, my HST's were done using the trim method (since I only had 2.5" strips), but I did cheat and use a couple of longer cream strips in the background.

I used a brighter white for the tail, but it's kind of hard to see in the photos.

We've had a lot of snow (hey, for Georgia; don't laugh), and I am very ready for spring.  Even though Easter is a good bit away, I think I'm going to hang this one up early.

While I was at it, I also bound the crumb block from the last quilt to make a new pot holder.  I used my Clover clips for the first time to machine bind.  I always hand sew my binding because even with the most careful pinning, something inevitably slips.  But with the clips, it turned out perfectly (no paid endorsement, here!)  I stitched in the ditch  from the front, so that is all done without looking on the green side.  This is the first time that I haven't had a slip or a wonky stitch, and there was 3 layers of batting in that puppy!  Not sure if I'm ready to do a whole quilt that way, but I would definitely do a wall hanging, and don't think I'll ever hand sew another pot holder.

Well, that's all I've got, Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi!!! Aw!!!! I love your little bunny quilt!!!!! Too cute!!!!! I had a fun visit!!!! I followed over from crazy mom quilts and I am glad I did!!!! Thank You

  2. Love your adorable bunny quilt!

  3. What a great way to use "leftovers"! He/she is cute, cute, cute!

  4. Congratulations on the bunny design and quilt! Adorable!

  5. Hi, your blog is new to me. I happened over from CMQ. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed my visit this morning. And I am curious... is your cabin your home or a getaway? All the best to you! I look forward to visiting again soon. Anna

    1. It's a little of both! It's close enough that we drive up there just about every weekend (longer in the summer), and would love to be there permanently when the boys are grown. But for now, our suburban life is more practical for the weekdays. And I have an awesome sewing room here that wouldn't be possible in our itty bitty log cabin. Even though I have a machine there, I usually just bring my knitting. :) Thank you for visiting!