Thursday, July 10, 2014

Storm At Sea

After seeing a photo of a similar quilt, I became obsessed.  It was one of those quilts that gets stuck in your head and you're Googling and Pinteresting until you've spent more time ogling it than you would have spent making it.

I eventually found a suitable free pattern for the block, and went to work.  Once the top was done, it sat awhile, but I finally pulled it out and quilted it last week.  One of my few finishes of the summer!

apologies for the photo; it was taken from upstairs, looking down, on a ladder, in my's a wee bit off center.

Made mostly from scraps and stash, I really only bought the binding, and the navy border fabric for it.  I enjoyed revisiting fabrics from projects-past, as this block offers the chance to put smaller pieces to use.

The back was made from leftover graduated strips, and some Kona Snow.

I quilted 1/4" from the seams on the body, and then did wavy lines with my walking foot on the border.  I love the pattern it made on the back!  Made all those mind-numbing 1/4" lines worth it.

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  1. This is incredible! I'm hoping to make of these days. I love the colors you've used, and the quilting is divine! :)

  2. Love the colors. Like that you did wavy lines in the border - very appropriate.

  3. I'm inspired!! must finish my Storm at Sea

  4. I saw your beautiful quilt on Link a Finish Friday and came to see it up close. You did a great job and I'm so impressed when scraps can be utilized so excellently!

  5. This is so beautiful. Your colours are awesome and the scrappiness just makes it even more entrancing!

  6. This is such a lovely quilt. I'm torn about making one like this, or with a different color scheme I've cooked up, but I've got one in my near future!