Friday, July 11, 2014

Q3 - Finish Along!

A good bit of sewing, but not a whole lot of finishing going on this summer with the kiddies home.

The other night, I ran into the Q2 Finish Along posts at The Littlest Thistle, and the timing didn't leave me any excuse not to do a list of my own, as Q3 has just begun!

So, here it is, my embarrassingly long list of half-done what-nots:

1.  Farmers Wife.  Though I am quite proud of this being an actual top now (it was a stack of blocks a couple of weeks ago), it still needs to be made into a quilt.

2.  Nuptial Shawl.  It has nupps!  I will wear this to my brother's wedding in early August.  It must be done. (Ravelry Linkage)

3.  Random Socks.  Gosh, I love these sock(s).  But I made up the cuff pattern on my own and didn't write it down, thinking surely I'd remember.  I've tried 3 times to figure it out.  No go.

4.  Snowball Showers.  A charm pack of April Showers, and some Hello Betty Green from my stash, and I had this pieced in a week...and sat...and sits....

5.  Courthouse Steps.  We bought our log cabin as a foreclosure (Courthouse Steps, get it?) and I started this quilt in honor of the purchase after seeing one similar in a quilt shop downtown.  That was in 2010.

6.  That Star Quilt, With The Birds.  I liked the flowers and birds in these prints, so I bought a pair of charm packs, and then started putting it together.  Mmm hmm.

7.  Cathedral Windows.  This one is made from jeans.  Fun!  But not actually as fun as I thought it'd be, apparently.

8.  Postage Stamp Quilt.  My perpetual leaders and enders project.

9.  Triple Irish Chain.  From my 2.5" scrap bin; no rush on this one.

10.  Crocheted Rag Rug.  A trillion 1" strips.  Inspired by crazy mom quilts, though I should have stuck with a rectangle, I'd be done now.

And that's it!  I would be thrilled to have 3/10 a month.

Good luck to the other finisher-hopefuls!


  1. Great projects! The snowball showers is gorgeous and the cathedral windows look amazing! I'm sure you can manage at least 3/10!

  2. What lovely projects! You did a great job on the Farmer's Wife and I'm seriously drooling over those blue socks. Makes me wish I could knit but I have no idea when I'd do that too. ;-) I'm looking forward to seeing these beauties progress.