Friday, April 5, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee, Block 3

We have a camellia that grows over our back deck that seems to be prime real estate for the birds.  Though why, I don't know.  Our house is loud and full of boys that slam the back door, and throw sticks in the yard.  But for years, a cardinal family had made their nest there, and this year, they got a few twigs laid down before a robin came to claim it.

She is one hard worker.

The cardinal seems very put out.

about 8 feet away from the robin's nest...he hangs here pretty much all day keeping an eye on things
She doesn't care.  You snooze, you lose (early bird gets the worm?)

Anyway, onto Block #3!

This one reminded me of one of the blocks from my Farmers Wife quilt.  I really like the traditional look of it.

After much mulling over the green/blue/green-blue in the last block, I've decided to embrace all shades together.  With sashing, I think they'll get along after all.

blocks 1-3

Hope your weekend is also filled with signs of Spring.

Join in!
Virtual Quilting Bee

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  1. Your blocks are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the rest.

    (found your blog from the Quilting Gallery)