Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Finishes!

This first project has been on my to do list for a LONG time.  We spend a lot of time in the car going to and from the cabin, which means we may or may not be eating food in there.  And I desperately needed a way to contain the trash that accumulates.  Particularly in the back seat, where some little boys sit.  So, I made a slightly smaller version of this grocery bag holder from a few extra charm squares.  The charms were assembled in rows, and then sliced and rearranged before being resewn into a block.

Looking a little lumpy with all those bags stuffed in it.

I used my serger for the final seam, but I don't love it.  At the top around the elastic, it's bulky.  I plan on making another one (or two, or three), and will change that next time.  I'll probably still serge the inside, just stop before the end.

But, it's perfectly useful, and headed for the back seat.  Now the trick is training them on how to use it.

My second finish is a little knitting project that took much longer than it should have.  It got lost in my knitting pile.  The Asheville Hat!

Malabrigo is soft, washes well, has lovely colors, but one of my favorite things about it, is how much I always have left over!  I think I've got enough for mitts or maybe a small cowl.  Love that.

Next up, a little Triple Zip pouch for my Nana's birthday (shhh...I just mailed it.)  I used an alternate method for the last seam, since I had some trouble last time.  It's similar to my regular pouch making method, and went a bit more smoothly.

And finally; impulse-buy fabric, a couple zippers, and three boys out ice skating; equals a perfect storm for some new couch pillows!

The stripe was a result of me being cheap and only buying *just* enough for two pillows.  I had to center the medallions, and ended up a bit short on doing solid fronts and backs.

I also tried a new zipper method.  I basted the opening, applied the zipper to the back, and then removed the basting.  I liked it, but on the bottom of a pillow like this, where it naturally folds open, a small flap may have been neater.

No doubt they'll need replacing before too long, anyway!  Pillows don't spend much time on the sofa here.

That's it for this week.  Happy Friday!

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  1. What fun projects! Love the hat and of course, the triple-zip!!

  2. Love the hat! I wish I had one just like it. The colors are so rich and the braid design in the knitting is really cool. Your photography is really good, too!

  3. I, too, love the hat. Love those colors! The grocery bag holder is such a terrific idea.

  4. What wonderful finished you have. The hat is great, I am in awe of anyone who can knit, I only manage straight pieces like scarfs.

  5. All your projects look fantastic! :) Very jealous.

  6. The colors in the hat are fantastic! And I keep saying I need to make a bag for bags :) I like the fabrics you chose for yours!

  7. I really like your pillow covers! Don't they make the biggest difference in a room? My new covers are the only spring thing in my living room so far.

  8. Love your triple zip and so glad I could help! I really love the fabric you used on your pillows, so fun!

  9. Great work all around! The grocery bag holder is a wonderful idea! Colors in the three zipper pouch (nice pulls also!) are lovely!

  10. I love the grocery bag fabrics. You did get a lot of work done, impressive, I need to find more time (or just kick butt) :-)

  11. I LOVE that hat! the colors are perfect...I sometimes wish I could knit, but I don't have time to sew at this point, so I'll have to wait until the kids are grown to learn. =)