Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We took a little road trip to Asheville this weekend.  Biltmore was great, but one of the true highlights was when we stopped to pick up chicken minis in a local mall.  Chicken minis are a Chick-fil-A staple, a buttery yeast roll with fried chicken on it, doesn't get much better.  Except, there was a yarn shop.  IN THE MALL.

And not just any yarn shop, a really nice, nicely stocked one, with nice people.

That is how I came to start yet another hat:

While in Asheville, the boys got to experience their first-ever hotel stay.  The four of us being stuck in a hotel room with an 8:30 pm lights-out, meant I also had time to finish this:
My first Noro hat!

Still deciding what that motif is?  Spiders?  Butterflies?
Boys pointing out our awesome pool view from the hotel window.  It was an indoor  pool with a skylight.
After spending the day at Biltmore, I was impressed that they were impressed.
Good weekend.

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