Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scrappy Heart, and Truths about Boys

I had a bunch of pink and red scraps on my cutting table from my Farmers Wife quilt, and came across this adorable heart table runner.

I thought, I'll make a pillow!

Then I remembered that I live with 3 boys and an old black dog.  Throw pillows are thrown.
photo not staged; note embroidered, Pottery Barn pillow on the floor next to the couch
I thought about a table runner.  And then looked at the milk rings and Cheerios left from this morning's breakfast.  Maybe not.  (No photo of that, I'm not embarrassing myself.)

Then, I decided on a wall hanging.  Ta Da!

Pieced heart mini-quilt
I quilted little hearts all over it.

And then I decided it would still be safer living at my Mom's house.

Happy Valentines Day, Mom and Dad!

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