Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilt for a Boy

Awhile back, I made a friendship star quilt from a billion HST's, and some of my obsessively collected red and whites.

Friendship Star, after first washing
Friendship Star, back

It's lived on and off my couch.  But was recently adopted by a boy with a cold.  After the boy recovered from the cold, the quilt never made it back to the couch.  And after a recent washing, the quilt was smuggled back to the bunk bed of this boy.

Coughing boy with well washed quilt; present day.

Poor asthmatic boy is sick again.  Another cold.  I can't do anything for him but give him love and hold his inhaler for him until he recovers.  So, I decided to add the missing piece to my friendship star quilt.

Quilts deserve love, and labels.

He came over while I was stitching, and asked what I was doing.  I said, "Well, I can't decide whether this should say Mom or Mommy."  When he realized it was for him, he gave me a hug, and said, "MOMMY!"  That's better than just about anything from a very cool 9 year old, don't you think?

Linking up to finish it up Friday @ crazymomquilts  I'm calling this one officially finished.


  1. I really enjoyed how happy this made Evan today. Thanks for sharing your craftiness and your love with our family

  2. A lovely quilt for such a loving boy. Hope Evan feels better soon.

  3. What a nice quilt in friendship star. Hope your little sun will soon be well!

  4. Love the quilt. Inspired to do one too :)

  5. I love quilts with primary, secondary, and tertiary patterns. This has them all, and it's fabulous! Isn't it wonderful when boys and girls love the quilts moms make for them? Lovely label, too. Did you embroider it or use a pen?

    1. Thank you! My husband calls them "dizzy quilts", if they make him dizzy, he loves them. I do too. The label is embroidered over pencil. I wanted something that would hold up to the washings a boy's quilt requires.

  6. Beautiful and so joyful!

  7. This is a lovely quilt. I love the colors and the patterns. Isn't it great how quilts can be a bit of mommy love to a sick child? And I love that he calls you Mommy. My great big 17 year old son still calls me "Momma" and it does warm my heart.

  8. Very nice quilt. It is clear that it will be well-loved.

  9. Awesome story to go with a cool quilt !