Monday, February 18, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along - Part 3 (and some weekend sewing)

This weekend was my good friend Janet's birthday.  She's a crafty girl, and homemade gift worthy, so I always try to make her a little something.  This year, it was an embroidered flour sack towel for her cabin.  It was freezing out this weekend, so I had some time to add a little extra to it.  
Favorite sewing spot.
That box of floss has been with me since my middle-school friendship bracelet making days.
It has a Rag Shop logo on it.  Do they still have those?
And although she could do pretty much anything she wanted to on her birthday, she's the type of friend who chose to spend it being silly with my kids downtown at our local Fire and Ice chili festival.
Perfect day for ice melting here!

Boys getting to sit in her awesome truck before it goes to the painter.

The kids are off from school for President's Day today, but I still snuck upstairs to do a little sewing while they played Pokemon.

I had a stack of 2.5" squares leftover from cutting my 16" strips from the width of my fabric, so I decided to put them to use.  I was amazed that they made it all the way around with some to spare!  I had already cut 3" strips from the navy dot, so I just cut those in half.  I still plan on using the red check binding, but I like this better than my original plan for a solid border.  Hopefully the boys will give me a little time for pressing it later on today.  Progress!

Scrappy Trip with Borders!
Thread color suggestions for quilting?  I'm thinking white may be too stark, and navy too dark, med. blue?


  1. Love the choice you made for the edging. Looks good! Oh, thread colors are always tough. I am a cream kinda girl!

    1. Thanks, and me too! I was just realizing I only have Aurifil in white, light cream, and medium cream. If I did blue, I'd need to do some'll probably be cream. :)

  2. Looks fantastic. The navy borders really add to it.